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About Us

producer and distributor

Manufacturer and Distributor

Planted on fertile hills of the Carpathian Region Dealu Mare, a region famous for its vineyards and orchards, our orchard covers an area of 10 ha in the town of Urlati, Prahova.

We started in 2008 with land development, continuing in 2009 with the planting of seedlings.

Lara and Fernor cultivate varieties, very popular French varieties in the world, with large caliber fruits and distinctive organoleptic qualities that make us proud to compete with countries that have tradition in the field but also glad that we can offer the romanian people.

Our concern is to get the healthiest walnuts to the highest quality. We do this with care and love for nature and the environment, knowing that the earth is not ours, but of "our descendants."

health and nutrition

Guaranteed Quality

Quality has even started planting. Quality planting material will meet the EC, certified free of pests and diseases, well matured and developed, is part of the official catalog of varieties of crop plants in Romania and cultivated species list provided in the catalogs of European Union member countries.

All the products you find in our exclusively harvested from the orchard.

health and nutrition
producer and distributor

The best selection of nuts

Lara variety of French origin, is obtained by natural selection Payne variety and variety Fern was obtained by INRA -Bordeauz - France (National Institute of Agricultural Research).
High quality fruits, spherical, large, weight about 13 g, with bark smooth, thin and well welded valves.
The core has beautiful appearance, light yellow, pleasant taste. Easily extracted from the bark, with a yield of 45-51% in the middle.

They carry the logo " Nuci de la Matei " and have food safety certification.