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Fresh walnuts (early walnuts)

Variety Lara

Fresh walnuts (early walnuts) 5 kg

Fruits are harvested at maturity, peeled green. The skin of the core can be removed easily, leaving white and tender core. We enjoy very little for their flavor, just a few weeks in the autumn, in September. Fresh walnuts have a natural moisture content greater than 20% and are easier to digest for those with sensitive stomach.
Price: 90 Lei (INCLUDED VAT)
We enjoy the flavor of fresh nuts only in September and October.
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Lara variety of French origin, is obtained by natural selection Payne variety. High quality fruits, spherical, large (32-38 mm in diameter), weight about 13 g, with bark smooth, thin and well welded valves. The core has beautiful appearance, light yellow, pleasant taste. Easily extracted from the bark, with a yield of 45-51% in the middle.

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